Welding Flex Cable

Having an extensive range of electrical flexible cables, Treotham’s range includes a welding flex cable. Manufactured in Europe, to the highest standards, each welding flex can withstand tough conditions with flexibility and oil resistance. For more information about the ultra flex welding cable, download the Treoflex Welding Flex document (PDF).

Power Cable Specifications


Partnering with Lapp Group, we have various power cables that can be distributed to you quickly from our many Australian warehouses. For detailed information on all of these cables, order a free catalogue online (select Flexible Cables).

The Treoflex Welding Flex is a flexible single core, double-insulated cable. This cable is suitable for usage in switchboards, busbars, transformers, welding leads, battery charges, and more. Able to withstand temperatures up to 90ºC, with a nominal voltage of 0.6 / 1 kV, the welding flex cable is also resistant to oils, acids and sea water.

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