Ultrasonic Sensor Detector

As an industry leader for embracing new technologies and providing customers with the highest quality products & services, Treotham are built upon trusted relationships. You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience for supplying you with ultrasonic sensor solutions to meet various industrial applications.

Reliable Ultrasonic Sensors

ultrasonic reflex sensor

Our range of ultrasonic sensors are almost completely insensitive to interfering factors such as extraneous light, dust, smoke and water vapor. Industrial applications include the detection and measurement of:

  • Transparent and dark objects
  • Reflective surfaces & shiny objects
  • Bulk materials and liquids
  • Other objects, independent of its material, colour, transparency and texture

By emitting ultrasonic waves at a certain frequency via the transmitting medium air, these ultrasonic reflex sensors are ideal for measuring tasks. With independent switching outputs, suitable for monitoring minimum and maximum values for fill-levels, distances and stack heights, these ultrasonic detectors are precise & reliable.

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For more information on ultrasonic sensors and detectors and their excellent technical properties, talk to your local Treotham team. We can provide personalised advice to suit your industrial applications.

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