Types of Sensor Encoders

With Treotham’s partnership with Wenglor, we offer a solution for a variety of sensor applications. Wenglor’s product range includes photoelectric speed sensor encoders, ultrasonic sensors, proximity sensors as well as Ident and vision sensors.

Sensors for Industrial Automation Applicationssensor2

  • Inductive sensor – with a variety of designs, housing materials and operating principles, Wenglor inductive sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications. With the lack of moving parts, these sensors are resistance to dirt and shocks and are maintenance free, wear-free and waterproof.

  • Sensor encoder– with our partnership with Italsensor, we provide a range of high quality and reliable encoders, sensors and accessories. The range includes programmable encoders, incremental encoders, absolute encoders and special encoders.

  • Fluid sensor – with over 900 products in the range, Wenglor’s fluid sensor range includes flow, pressure and temperature sensors to suit a range of industrial applications.

Get Personalised Advice Encoder2

Reach out to your local Treotham team for personalised advice on the selecting the right sensor for your automation application. We can work with you to find the right sensor for your individual requirements.


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