Types of Conduit

Producing and selling premium cable protection systems since 1975, or since 1993 within Australia, Treotham have a strong reputation around the world as the well-established market leader. We offer more than 6,500 products for the railway, mechanical engineering, mining equipment, shipbuilding, food processing, and other industrial applications. Even for projects requiring dependable protection, such as automation and building installations, our flexible electrical conduits and conduit pipes are reliable and durable.

Conduit Types

types of conduit - PMA flexible conduit

Our range of PMA Flex Conduits come in over 30 different varieties for various cable protection applications, including technically demanding requirements. Specifications of our various electrical conduit sizes includes:

  • Halogen-free
  • Cold impact resistance
  • Near universal chemical resistance
  • A diverse range of fittings
  • Suitable for all areas of industry
  • UV-resistance
  • Light-weight or heavy-duty

For conduit accessories, such as adapters, protection sleeves, lock-nut adapters, reducers and cutting tools, order a free catalogue or speak to your local Treotham team for more information.

Get Technical Support

For more information on electrical conduit prices, and for expert technical support and advice on cable protection systems for your industry, talk to your local Treotham team.

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