Time Delay Relay 24V

Holding a diverse range of products and components in multiple warehouses across Australia, Treotham have the capabilities to product custom solutions to your industrial applications. Our range of Wieland and Schleicher 24VDC, 110VAC and 240VAC timing relays are suitable for on-delay, off-delay and timed-delay processes. Each timer relay has an adjustable range of 0.1 second to 60 second durations and a slimline design.

Time Delay Relays

Time Delay Relays - Safety Relays & Programmable Safety Controllers

Designed to monitor emergency stops, light curtains and gate interlocks, our safety relays are used in applications where power must be maintained for a fixed duration after an input signal is received. Learn more about the models available & data specifications by ordering a free catalogue online.

The time delay relay 24v is available in OFF-delay and ON-delay formats. An example application is driving a switch to maintain a guard door in the locked position for a fixed duration after a stop button is pressed.

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