Temperature Sensors

As an exclusive distributor for many international product lines, you can rely on Treotham’s extensive knowledge and experience. Assisting you by providing a wide range of temperature sensor products and components for numerous industrial applications, our temperature sensors are suitable for harsh environments. Temperatures of various objects can be reliably measured regardless of the material they are made from, their size, and their state of aggregation.

Types of Temperature Sensors

Our range of Wenglor’s temperature sensors measure & monitor temperatures of liquids and gases in closed systems. Specifically, the Wenglor Temperature Sensor OptoTemp has contactless measurement properties to detect infrared radiation emanating from objects. For more information on this infrared temperature sensor with compact design, large measuring ranges, and high levels of accuracy of our temperature sensors, talk to your local Treotham team.

temperature sensors - wenglor temperature sensors

The weFlux temperature sensors variant with an integrated IO-Link interface has a measuring range of -50 to +150 C and a large variability to combine and configure the two sensor outputs. Having the latest high performance, compact fluid-sensor technology that also measures flow velocity can reduce the number of measuring points by 50% in closed systems. With minimal installation, maintenance, and inventory costs a PT100 temperature sensor is suitable for many customers in food, chemical, automotive, and textiles industries.

temperature sensors - weFlux temperature sensors

UniTemp temperature sensors also measure the temperature of liquids and gases but with a measuring range of 0 to 200 C. Suitable for brewing processes, monitoring solar thermal energy, and measuring tempering furnaces, the UniTemp’s compact design has customisable connections & outputs.

 temperature sensors - UniTemp temperature sensors

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For more information on any of our temperature sensors, and advice on which variants are most suitable for your industry, get in touch with your local Treotham team.

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