Solenoid Locking Safety Switches

A solenoid locking safety switch is an electromagnetic interlock device with guard locking.

The guard-locking pin is held in the locked position by electromagnetic force and released by spring force whereas alternatives lock into position by spring force and release by electromagnetic actuation.

In this article, find out everything you need to know about solenoid door lock safety switches.
solenoid safety switch

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Read about the benefits and features of solenoid locks below to find out if solenoid door lock safety switches are the most appropriate solution for your application. 

About Solenoid Door Lock Safety Switches

Solenoid lock safety switches are designed to protect both processes and people. 

The electromagnetic locking safety component of the solenoid lock safety switches ensures the safety guard is prevented from being opened while a dangerous machine movement is being performed.

The locked position of the guard locking can only be released when the hazardous situation is no longer present.

Solenoid door lock safety switches must only be used in applications where a strict assessment of the accident risk has been conducted as the safety guard can be opened immediately in the event of interruption of the solenoid power supply. 

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