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Treotham New Zealand, in partnership with Iglidur – a leading slewing ring bearing manufacturer, provide you with a range of slewing ring products suitable for any industrial automation application. 

Benefits of our Slewing Rings Include:Slewing Ring Bearing2

  • Dependable, affordable and efficient
  • Completely maintenance free slewing bearings and small slewing rings
  • Based on high wear resistance design
  • Easy to install with interchangeable sliding pads 
  • Ideal for use in environments that require high stiffness and high load capabilities
  • Stainless steel versions available
  • Different dimensions available to suit large or small slewing ring requirements
  • A wide range of accessories are available

Types of Slewing Ring Bearings

Examples of industries and applications the products below are suitable for include conveyors, automation, assembly stations, theatre/stage & lighting technology and renewable energy. 

iglidur PRT HT
Iglidur PRT type 1 is a slewing bearing with high stiffness, wear & chemical resistance and is easy to fit. It features maintenance free sliding pads, available in aluminium or stainless steel V4A. It is suitable for use up to 180°C and options are available for all 5 standard dimensions of style 01 to suit larger or small slewing bearing requirements. 

iglidur PRT Toothed 

This slewing bearing contains a toothed outer ring, can be used with a plastic gear or gear rack and is available in three commercially available belt profiles (T10, AT10 and HTD8M).

Iglidur PRT Low Priced 

Iglidur PRT type 3 is a slewing ring bearing that features a new economic design, with a greater use of plastics. It is maintenance and lubrication free, lightweight and doesn’t require a large installation space.

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