Safety Interlock Systems

Treotham New Zealand is a leading supplier of reliable, high quality and cost effective safety products for the New Zealand industrial automation sector. We supply a wide range of safety interlock products that meet required safety standards, are based on the latest technology and are suitable for a variety of applications. 

In this article, find out about our range of safety interlock systems and which product may be the most suitable option for your application. safety interlock systems2

We have been in operation for over 25 years and are the exclusive distributor of many international product lines. We have an Auckland based warehouse that enables us to fulfill orders quickly and a team of experienced local experts who can customise solutions to meet specific requirements. 

Below are the safety interlock switches included in our range.

Safety Interlock Systems

The purpose of a safety interlock switch is to prevent machine operation in the event of a hazard, protecting both processes and people. Dangerous machine movements are prevented from continuing via a stop command if the safety guard is opened. 

Before safety switches are used, a risk assessment must be performed and installation must be conducted by authorised personnel to ensure required safety standards are met. 

Safety Interlock Switch Range

We supply Euchner safety interlock systems in a range of configurations including 

safety interlock switches with integrated & separate actuators, with or without door locking.

Metal or plastic housing options are also available. 

Euchner Safety Interlock switches:

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