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safety edgeTreotham Automation take pride in bringing you expert local knowledge coupled with some of the best prices in Industrial Automation components. As customers in Australia, you can leverage our expertise which spans across a range of industries including small to large scale commercial systems.

Governed by a rigorous supply chain system, our multiple warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney ensure your items are dispatched as fast as possible. Our service guarantee also ensures you’re kept abreast of any delivery updates as soon as they occur.

Our Safety Contact Edge Solutions

Safety edges are used to help protect closing edges at possible crushing or shearing points. This includes the use of machines and handling facilities environments to help protect workers.

Safety edges for automatic gates are another popular application to ensure safe operation in a variety of scenarios.

Safety edges consist of two conductive switching surfaces on the inside and a high-isolating outer material, protected by a covering chamber to provide reliable protection against the elements.

Our solutions include:

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Our product catalogue features many different options, including electric gate safety edges. Speak to one of our trained consultants for expert advice on selecting the right model for your needs.

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