Safety Door Bolt Lock

Offering a wide range of safety products and services for over 25 years, Treotham are your local specialists for the safe completion of projects. We can help you with risk analysis, planning, implementation and support with the highest quality products.

Bolt Lock Systems

NZ bolt

Our range of bolts and safety door locks are perfect for industrial use. Similar to the Echner bolt system which has a robust, die-cast aluminium design, each safety bolt complies with Australian standards and requirements. Adaptable to both left or right hinged doors with a strong handle, each system also allows padlocks to be fitted in the door bolt to prevent accidental closure. Our bolt range includes:

  • NP Bolts which are easily screwed into standard aluminium profiles & machine covers
  • NZ Bolts which has a detent mechanism (bolts with escape release) & latches to prevent unintentional closing
  • TP Bolts (similar to the NP Bolts) which have an automatic mechanism to retain the position of the bolt when pushed to its end position
  • STA Bolts which has a lever for escape release from the danger area (optional)
  • TX Bolts which are for safety switch series TX and NX

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Learn more about our safety door bolt locks by ordering a free catalogue, or speak to your local Treotham team for expert advice on which bolts are most suitable for your application.

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