Rotary Encoder Types

Supplying a range of high quality & reliable encoders, sensors and accessories to numerous industries for around three decades, you can rely on the expertise of Treotham to find a solution for your application. Sourced from various international manufacturers, each rotary encoder is made to meet the increasing demands of complex machineries and plants.

Rotary Encoder Types - Rotary encoders itslsensor

Types of Rotary Encoders

Since 1976, Italsensor have been manufacturing various absolute and incremental rotary encoders. Suitable for industries such as metalworking, woodworking, packaging / bottling / food processing, printing, industrial lifting / elevators, and other customised solutions. Common variations include:

  • Incremental rotary encoder with a solid or hollow shaft
  • Absolute rotary encoder with single-turn or multi-turn
  • Special encoder with bi-coder, metric wheel, tachogenerator or centrifugal relay

For more information and data specifications on each rotary encoder, download the PDF catalogue.

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