PT100 and PT1000 Temperature Sensors

In this article we cover the benefits of features of the PT100 temperature sensor and the PT1000 temperature sensor.

Treotham Automation stock the widest range of temperature sensors including Wenglor’s PT100 sensor and the PT1000 sensor.

We have been providing products to the industrial automation sector for over 25 years and our customers know they can trust our experience and expertise. With our locally based warehouses and fully equipped workshop, staffed by factory trained engineers, we have the capability to provide tailored, cost effective solutions that best meet our customers needs. 

Read on to discover how the PT100 Temperature Probe and the PT1000 Temperature Sensor can help your business today. 

PT100 Temperature Sensor and PT1000 SensorweFlux Temperature Sensor2

The purpose of a temperature sensor is to monitor liquid & gas temperatures to prevent overheating or temperature drops in machines and systems.

They forward information with extremely fast response times of less than two seconds with measuring accuracy to ±0.5° C.

weFlux² PT100 Temperature Probe and PT1000 Sensor features Include:  

  • Compact design
  • Large measuring range of -50 to +200° C
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Ability to generate additional status in real-time
  • Diagnosis data can be queried in real-time
  • Can be set up automatically via the interface in order to accelerate initial start-up
  • Sensor replacement is quick and uncomplicated with the help of data storage
  • PT1000 Sensors and PT1000 Temperature Sensors require no programming which increases system availability
  • Based on a modern platform with various housings and process connections
  • Sensors can be configured in a decentralized fashion

PT100 Sensor and PT1000 Sensor Applications

Examples of applications include temperature monitoring in brewing processes, inlet and return temperatures for solar-thermal energy conversion, temperature control in cheese production and temperature measurement in tempering ovens.

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