Programmable Safety Controller

Safety controllers replace hardwired relay systems that would usually be required for bringing automated processes to a safe state.

They provide flexible programming in familiar and easy to use environments for programmers.

Below is information on types of programmable safety controllers and their features. 

Treotham Automation is the exclusive distributor for many international brands and has warehouses based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth stocking over 1000 products.

We also have a fully equipped workshop manned by qualified engineers that allow us to tailor solutions for our customers when there are specific requirements for an application.Programmable controllers

We have been in operation for over 25 years and are leaders in the supply of industrial automation products and components to the Australian market. 

Treotham offers a wide range of programmable safety controllers - types of programmable safety controllers in our range include:

Types of Programmable Safety Controllers

  • Samos PRO COMPACT - This programmable safety controller features a slim profile of only 45mm wide and can be used for up to 168 inputs & outputs. It also features an exchange program memory of 512MB

Download the Samos Pro COMPACT programmable safety controller brochure for detailed specifications. 

  • SP-DIO - Standard I/O-Module - This next-generation programmable safety controller features 4 standard inputs and outputs as well as 4 configurable inputs & outputs with an exchangeable program memory of 512MB It has a width of only 45mm and can be used for up to 168 inputs and outputs.  Ideal for use in machine building, combustion plants, lift systems and machine-building applications.

Download the SP-DIO Standard I/O-Module Programmable Safety Controller brochure for detailed specifications. 

Benefit of Programmable Feature

Programmable safety controllers bring all the benefits of traditional PLC systems to complex safety applications. However, they allow standard and safety-related programs to reside in a single controller chassis, providing flexibility in programming as well as a familiar and easy-to-use environment for programmers. 

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