Polymer Ball Bearings

Treotham New Zealand’s range of high performance, cost effective polymer bearings are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of using polymer ball bearings and polymer linear bearings for your application.igus bearings

Treotham New Zealand are a leading supplier of products and components to New Zealand’s industrial automation sector.

We have been operating for over 25 years.

Our extensive local knowledge and broad range of the latest industrial automation technology ensures we provide our customers with the best possible solution. 

Learn more about our range of polymer bearings below and what applications they are suitable for.

Why igus® Produce the Best Polymer Bearings

igus® have been developing motion products made of low-wear high-performance polymers known as motion plastics for over 50 years. igus® engineers develop more than 100 new plastic compounds each year and have established a large database of polymers’ tribological properties. 

The igus® polymer bearing range uses specially engineered compounds that adapt the polymer bearings for a diverse range of applications and requirements including compounds for high loads, extreme temperatures, underwater use, low coefficients of friction, chemical resistance and long service life.

Polymer bearing compounds are maintenance free as they require no lubrication and are dry running. This allows the bearings to be used for applications where metal bearings may not be suitable.

Download the Bearings Short Form Catalogue for more detailed information on the benefits of polymer bearing compounds. 

Benefits of Using Polymer Ball Bearings

There are many benefits of using polymer ball bearings as an alternative to metal ball bearings and many applications where they are an ideal solution when metal ball bearing aren’t effective (e.g. an applications that doesn’t have extreme speeds or loads but cannot use traditional
10.5 Drylingreased ball bearings). Other benefits include:

  • Cost effective 
  • Longer, more predictable service life
  • Lightweight - 60% lighter than metal
  • Suitable for use at a minimum temperature of -100°C and a maximum temperature of +150°C. 
  • 100% lubrication and maintenance-free
  • High corrosion and media resistant
  • Non-magnetic
  • FDA compliant

Benefits of Polymer Linear Bearings

Our range of Drylin polymer linear bearings are based on the principle of ‘gliding instead of rolling’, operating on glide pads. They are designed for dry running making them maintenance-free and resistant to external influences. 

Drylin polymer linear bearings have a number of other benefits including: 

  • Almost inaudible during operations 
  • No minimum stroke length restrictions 
  • Can be adapted for a diverse range of applications. 
  • Predictable service life 
  • Up to 40% of custom system configuration costs can be saved in comparison to recirculating ball bearing systems.

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