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In this article, we provide information about the two pneumatic valves we supply to the Australian market - the XSz Norgren Safety Pneumatic Valve and the Metal Work Pneumatic Valve.

Treotham Automation has been in operation for over 25 years and is a leader in the supply of products & components to Australia’s industrial automation sector. 

We have Australian based warehouses that stock over 1000 products governed by a rigorous chain management system that ensures efficient delivery of orders.

We also have a fully equipped workshop that allows us to tailor solutions as required to meet specific application requirements.pneumatic valves

Find out more about our pneumatic switch valves below. 

About our Pneumatic Flow Control Valves:

Our XSz Norgren Safety Pneumatic Valve and Metal Work Pneumatic Valve have many features including:

  • No moving parts through the use of integral air logic incorporated into the pilot supply air system
  • Fail-safe design through technology that eliminates the need for electrical monitoring of the pneumatic flow control valve (a failure indication module is an option that is easily fitted if required)
  • Internal dynamic monitoring
  • Crossflow-channel design 
  • Design is according to safety regulations
  • The pneumatic switch valves may be used in applications to the level of Risk Category 4
  • Instead of two pneumatic regulator valves, only one is required for AS4024 Cat 4

For more detailed technical specifications download the XSz Norgren Safety Pneumatic Valve brochure.

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