Plastic Bearing Manufacturers

Plastic bearings are designed to improve your products, be more cost-effective and simplify operations as they do not require lubrication or maintenance.

Below we provide you with information on the types of plastic bearings we supply throughout Australia. 

Treotham Automation has been in operation for over 25 years and is a leader in the supply of plastic ball bearings to Australia’s industrial automation sector.plastic ball bearings

We have warehouses based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth that stock over 1000 products and ensure orders are fulfilled quickly through a rigorous chain management system.

We also have a fully equipped workshop manned by qualified engineers so we can customize solutions for our customers to meet specific application requirements.

We supply a large range of plastic bearings including: 

Types of Plastic Bearings

Iglidur plain bearings - plain bearings for a variety of industrial applications. Being one of the leading plastic bearing manufacturers, the igus iglidur range is designed to improve products while reducing costs at the same time.
Igubal KCRM CL Bearings

Igubal bearings - spherical plastic ball bearings manufactured with high-quality plastic material that feature a self-aligning design.

Compared to conventional spherical plastic ball bearings, igubal bearings are more economical, compact and feature a lubrication-free design that can be used for upright, pivot or flange bearing applications.

Plastic linear bearings - using built-in diagnostics, Smart Drylin linear guides autonomously monitor the use and registers a signal in the event of failure due to wear is likely.

Plastic linear bearings have predictive maintenance, reduction in costs, increased machine availability and prevention of unplanned downtimes.

Plastic Bearing Material

The material used in our range of plastic bearings is an engineered, high-performance polymer compound.

The bearings are made up of three parts 

  1. Base polymers for wear resistance
  2. Fibres and fillers for absorbing high forces or edge loads
  3. Solid lubricants that lubricate the bearings and reduce friction

igus® develops more than 100 new plastic compounds and conduct over 5000 tests every year creating a large database of polymers’ tribological properties.

Every compound possesses special features which means there are compounds suitable for a wide range of applications. igus bearings

Benefits of using plastic bearings include: 

  • Lighter than metallic bearings 
  • Resistant to corrosion, dust and dirt
  • Self-lubricating 
  • Quiet operation and vibration dampening (250 times that of metallic bearings)
  • Low abrasion and excellent wear rates 
  • Require no maintenance 

Download the igus polymer bearings and linear systems brochure for detailed technical specifications. 

Order igus Plastic Bearings

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