Plastic Ball Bearings

Plastic ball bearings are lighter than metal ball bearings, have a longer service life and are more cost effective. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of using plastic ball bearings compared to metal ball bearings and applications they are suitable for. 

Treotham New Zealand have been providing products and solutions to New Zealand’s industrial automation market for over 25 years. Our New Zealand based warehouse and efficient supply chain management system means our customers receive orders quickly.

Our team of local experts will be able to assist in determining the best plastic bearing solution for your application. 
plastic ball bearings

Learn more about plastic ball bearings andthe products included in our range below. 

Benefits of Using Plastic Ball Bearings

Our range of plastic bearings are lubrication and maintenance free, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, are non-magnetic and can also be used underwater. They have high media resistance (washable), are 60% lighter than metal, have a predictable service life and are FDA compliant. 

High performance polymer plastics are the plastic bearing material used in the Xiros’ bearing range.The use of this particular plastic bearing material and the fact that the bearings are maintenance-free and dry-running means they can be used for many applications where conventional metal ball bearings are not effective.

Download the Xiros Polymer Ball Bearings (PDF) for more detailed information and technical data for the plastic bearing material used in the range. 

Xiros® plastic ball bearings are suitable for many applications that do not have extreme speeds or loads but cannot use traditional greased ball bearings however, they are also suitable for rotational speeds that exceed the limits of a plain bearings.

They can be used at a minimum temperature of -100°C and a maximum temperature of +150°C. 

Examples of application areas include: 
xiros bearings

  • Food and medical industries
  • Packaging and textile industries
  • Chemical industry
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Electronics and office technology

Plastic Ball Bearings Range 

We supply the following plastic bearing ranges to the New Zealand market:

  • Xirodur B180 - A standard ball bearing which can be used in temperatures up to 80°C
  • Xirodur A500 - A high temperature ball bearing that can be used in temperatures up to 150°C and is FDA compliant
  • Xirodur C160 - A cost effective ball bearing that is very resistant to chemicals
  • Xirodur D180 - Suitable for high rotary speeds, extremely wear resistant and has a very long service life
  • Xirodur F180 - Provides protection against ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

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