Plain Bearing Types and Applications

As a leading supplier of plain bearings in New Zealand, Treotham are able to provide you with high quality engineering solutions for a variety of plain bearing applications

Our Range of Plain Bearing Typesilgidur plain bearings

  • Igus Iglidur polymer plain bearings – General purpose and long service. All highly durable and predictable - featuring corrosion, lubrication and maintenance free, and a lightweight design. They help to improve your products, whilst reducing costs at the same time

  • Drylin linear plain bearings(which glide rather than roll)Designed for dry running and using engineered compounds that adapt the bearings to a diverse range of plain bearing applications. They are almost inaudible during operations and have no minimum stroke length restrictions.

Why Choose our Plain Bearing Systems

  • High quality 
  • Highly adaptable for use with a diverse range of applications
  • Save on long-term costs
  • A diverse product line to choose from – we stock over 1000 products
  • Reliable and efficient delivery of products
  • Expert advice from our highly trained team to ensure your specific requirements are met

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