Photoelectric Sensor

At Treotham Automation, we partner with world renowned manufacturers to bring you the latest and best quality industrial automation components for a range of applications.

Working in close partnership with Wenglor Sensoric, we stock a range of photoelectric sensor types that feature various mounting systems for easy, flexible installation (even in extreme conditions) and highly restrictive operational spaces. 


Learn About High Performance Photoelectric Sensors 
Photoelectric Sensors

  • Photoelectric proximity sensors – with fast and precise operation, these sensors demonstrate a high efficiency over large working ranges. These photoelectric proximity sensors are suited for demanding applications and can distinguish between objects that are black or contain a shiny surface.

  • Photoelectric light sensors – these luminescence sensors produce UB light with a wavelength of 375nm that will light up luminescent material to the visible wavelength range (420 to 750nm).

  • Photoelectric sensors – these are able to reliably select coloured objects in automated, high speed processes based on defined reference colours. Applications include detecting coloured markings on print labels and packaging, sorting colour based objects and monitoring fruit ripeness degrees.


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Speak to your local Treotham branch for a personalised consultation. Our team can work with you to identify the right type of photoelectric sensor from our range of different photoelectric sensor types, so you pick the right module for your specific industrial automation needs.


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