Mechanical Interlock

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Our locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are connected through a rigorous supply chain network to ensure timely delivery of all your orders. Having over 1000 items in stock means that most orders are dispatched the next day. For some orders, products are air freighted from our suppliers in Europe weekly, ensuring the wait is never too long even for special order items.

Types of Mechanical Interlocks
SIN Mechanical Interlock

  • ESH series – for use in moveable safety guard applications such as doors or covers on machinery or systems. This allows work to be carried out on machines only if the safety guard is closed, ensuring a safe working environment.

  • NZ1RS series – for safety guard or position encoder applications. These electrical mechanical interlock safety switches are positively driven auxiliary power switches and comply with the requirements of IEC 60947-5-1/EN 60947-5-1 annex K.

  • SIN series mechanical interlock for circuit breakers with an electromechanical latching device. These switches are ideal for use in a control system of machines to monitor the position of moving safety guards, and can be opened only if no hazardous conditions are present.

Learn About Our Mechanical Interlock Solutions

Speak to our team of highly trained engineers to find the right mechanical interlock for your specific industrial automation needs. We can walk you through the different configuration options for you to make a more informed choice.

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