Magnetic Tapes

Since 1990, Treotham have been providing a diverse range of products, components, systems and solutions to Australian industries. Committed to adopting new technologies, we continue to ensure we distribute the highest quality products, including magnetic tape.


Magnetic Tapes and Guides

Measuring Systems & Guides

Our magnetic tapes contain all of the necessary digital information for linear length measuring. Used for incremental or absolute measuring systems, we have different types of magnetic tape for different purposes and pole pitch. Each magnetic tape roll consist of various components:

  • A magnetised highly flexible tape
  • A magnetic conductive and flexible stainless steel tape
  • A magnetic permeable cover band for protective purposes
  • A special pole searcher film for the pole pitch
  • End caps For more information on magnetic tapes & accessories, download the ELGO data sheet.

Magnetic Tape Manufacturer

We distribute ELGO magnetic tape due to the superior contactless linear, angular and rotary encoder technology. With position indicators and controls for a wide range of positioning tasks, these rolls of magnetic tape are renowned for reliability and precision.

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