M23 or 19 Pin Power Connectors

Treotham Automation is an Australian-wide distributor of the M23 circular connector range including

M23 19 pin connectors and M23 Power Connectors. In this article, we provide information about the M23 connectors we offer and the benefits and features of each M23 circular connector type. 

We are a leading Australian provider of products and components for the industrial automation sector. Operating for over 25 years, we are industry experts delivering high quality, cost effective solutions based on the latest technology. We are the exclusive distributor for many international product lines and have multiple warehouses across Australia stocking over 1000 products. 

Below is a list of the M23 Connector types, including M23 19 pin connectors we offer to the Australian market. 
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M23 Connector Range

M23 connectors are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments however with many different housing, insert and contact options available the M23 circular connectors are suitable for almost any application. M23 Connectors include male and female cable connectors and receptacles from 6-pin to 19-pin in straight and right-angled versions.

Products ranges include: 

M23 Signal Connector

  • Numerous casing designs and wide variety 
  • Universally deployable 
  • Robust and reliable
  • Available as screw plug, with TWILOCK quick release system, or in the TWILOCK-S version, which is intermateable with Speedtec.

M23 Power Connector

  • Suitable for a wide range of applicationsM23 ethernet
  • Power transmission up to 28A/630V
  • Numerous casing designs (cable, coupling, device and angle connectors)
  • Available as screw plug or with quick release

M23 RJ25

  • Chambered within an ‘industrial grade’ sturdy metal casing
  • Fulfills the protection classes IP67
  • Patch cables are pre-assembled according to requirements and integrated in the M23 connector

M23 Fast Ethernet PoE

  • Capable of transferring the highest data rates up to the giga range 
  • Four Twinax inserts are used for data transfer
  • Crosstalk prevented by five separate shields 
  • Designed for robust deployment in industrial environments

M23 Hybrid

  • Compact all-in-one solution for the transmission of power, Industrial Ethernet (IE) and signals
  • Combines separate, shielded data transmission on four contacts 
  • High power processing on four additional power contacts
  • Four additional contacts are available for signal transmission

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