Low Backlash Gearboxes

In this article, find out about our range of low backlash gearboxes and how they may be suitable for your application. 

Treotham Automation has been operating for over 25 years. We have a team of locally based experts with extensive experience in determining high quality, cost effective solutions for our New Zealand based customers. Low backlash planetary gearheads pic

Below is information about our range of low backlash gearboxes, their features and benefits and applications low backlash planetary gearboxes are suitable for. 

Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox Range

We have a wide range of low backlash planetary gearboxes to suit varying application requirements. The products we offer are high quality, efficient, have maximum power densities and high positioning accuracy. They are capable of handling acceleration torques 40% higher than previous generations and provide a much quieter operation. Our low backlash gearboxes are easy and versatile to install and have an extremely long life span.Below is a list of our low backlash gearboxes with an outline of the features and benefits of each. 

LP+/LPB+ Generation 3

  • High speed capacity
  • NEMA flanged versions and food grade versions available 
  • Optional compact belt pulley available for the LPB version

SP+ High Speed

  • High torsional rigidity and torque capacity
  • High speed, washdown, ATEX, and food grade versions available
  • Smooth, keyed or involute output shafts available
  • Optimised for higher speeds, long duty cycles and high control quality (MC version)

TP+ High Torque

  • Top performing planetary gearbox
  • Highest torque capacity, torsional rigidity, axial load capacity and power density
  • Less than one arcmin backlash available for the highest positioning accuracy
  • Options include washdown, food grade version, and integrated sensors
  • Space-saving design (MF version)


  • Basic class gearhead
  • Good positioning accuracy, rigidity and power density
  • Capable of very high output speeds

Alpheno®TP + High Torqgue Backlash Gearbox

  • Specialised planetary gearbox
  • Uniquely adapted to highly challenging applications
  • Very high power density

RP+ Planetary Gearhead

  • Reduced backlash
  • Flexible mounting position 
  • Extremely simple motor running with helical gearing and transferable torques
  • Easy assembly
  • High positioning precision and high life expectancy
  • Available with thread holes in the output flange which can be tailored to your individual solution

HDV / HDP+ Hygienic Design gearboxes

  • EHEDG certified 
  • Direct contact with food allowed
  • Chemical resistant
  • Optimal sealing properties
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • High-pressure cleaning possible (depending on the operating environment)

Low Backlash Gearbox Applications

  • Economical servo applications
  • High-precision applications in which high torsional rigidity is required
  • Highly dynamic applications
  • Temperature sensitive applications
  • Cyclic applications
  • Temperature sensitive applications
  • Applications with demanding safety requirements
  • CIP (cleaning in place) / SIP (sterilization in place)
  • Delta robots 
  • Food industry (production, processing, packaging, filling)
  • Pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry
  • Process technology
  • Textile industry
  • Medical technology

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