Linear Actuators

Sourcing strong, high-quality components from international manufacturers, Treotham are New Zealand’s experts for industrial types of linear actuators. Proven to operate under the harshest conditions, this range of actuators can manage push or pull loads indefinitely without power.

Types of Linear Actuators in New Zealand

Linear Actuators

Able to be equipped with position feedback devices, and other optional functions, each linear actuator has various controls available. The types of linear actuators we distribute include: 

  • Electrak LA models for strong, rugged and reliable applications
  • Electrak PPA series for robust and versatile usage
  • Electrak E series for lightweight, low cost and minimal noise purposes
  • Other electric linear actuators, including linear actuator 12v models, for various industrial settings

Learn more about each type ofactuatorby reading the Linear Actuators PDF brochure.

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