Incremental Encoder

An incremental encoder reports a change in a position and the direction of movement within that change.

In this article, we provide you with information on the incremental rotary encoders and incremental linear encoders we supply throughout Australia to assist you in determining the right encoder for your requirements. 

Treotham Automation has been in operation for over 25 years and is a leader in the supply of products and components to the industrial automation sector.

We have warehouses based in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne stocking over 1000 products and governed by a rigorous chain management system.

This enables us to fulfil most orders the day after they have been placed and we keep you informed throughout the delivery process so you know when your order will be delivered. A Number Of Incremental Linear Encoders

Incremental rotary encoders and incremental linear encoders we supply to our Australian based customers include: 

Incremental Rotary Encoders 

Incremental rotary encoders are rotative measuring systems based on magnetic rings and optical incremental encoders.

The system consists of a magnetic ring that is rotated in front of the sensor and is capable of the following

  • Measuring the front of the shaft
  • Contact-free measurement of the circumference 
  • Mechanically coupled measurement at the shaft

Incremental Linear Encoders

Incremental linear encoders are magnetic linear encoders that scan north and south poles on magnetic tape to produce a single sine/cosine wave.

An interpolation unit processes the information into square output signals, which are compatible with conventional rotary encoders or Incremental optical encoders.

When coupled with an ELGO position indicator and controller, these incremental encoders can be made into a complete measuring solution that is resistant to dirt, dust and humidity.

Incremental linear encoders in our range include LMIX2, LMIX22, EMIX 2, EMIX23, DMIX1, SMIX, RMIX2, EMSC, LMSC, PMIX and GSI2.


Download the incremental measurements systems brochure for detailed technical specifications. 

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