Incremental Encoder

Partnering with world renowned suppliers of high-quality industrial automation components, Treotham Automation take pride in bringing our customers a range of superior products at affordable prices. With extensive knowledge of Australian industries and factory trained engineers, we have solutions for your existing machines working and new assemblies.

Governed by a rigorous supply chain network, our multiple warehouses across the country is interconnected to bring fast and timely delivery for all your orders, ensuring your business operates as smoothly as possible.A Number Of Incremental Linear Encoders

Industrial Measuring Systems and Encoders

  • Incremental linear encoders – magnetic linear encoders that scans north and south poles on magnetic tape to produce a single sine/cosine wave. When coupled with an ELGO position indicator and controller, these incremental encoders can be made into a complete measuring solution that is resistant to dirt, dust and humidity.

  • Incremental rotary encoders – rotative measuring systems based on magnetic rings and optical incremental encoders. The system consists of a magnetic ring that is rotated in front of the sensor, and is capable of measuring the front of the shaft, contact free measurement of the circumference and mechanically coupled measurement at the shaft.

Talk to Us to Get the Right Encoder

Speak to our team of factory trained engineers for a free consultation to select the right measurement system for your business. We can work with you to tailor an incremental encoder system, for your specific use case.

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