ILME Connector Plugs

Treotham Automation is an Australian distributor of ILME products including ILME multipole connectors and ILME plugs.

ILME is backed by 70 years of research & development and offer innovative, reliable and economical technical solutions.
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In this article you will learn about our range of ILME multipole connector products and how to determine if they are suitable for your requirements.  

We have been providing solutions for the industrial automation sector for over 25 years. We have multiple warehouses located locally throughout Australia which means our customers are able to receive orders quickly.

Below is a list of the ILME connectors, ILME plugs and other products we supply to the Australian market. 

ILME Connectors Range

We stock a large range of ILME multipole connectors suitable for tough requirements in industrial environments.

The ILME product range is particularly ideal when a safe and removable electrical connection is required.

Connectors and ILME plugs are also interchangeable with other brands of connectors.
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Our ILME Product ranges:

Applications ILME connectors and plugs are suitable for include railway, automation plants, outside salt sprayers, naval environments, petrochemical environments, robotics and energy including wind turbines.

Our experienced team is able to help determine what products are most suitable for your application.

We also have a fully equipped workshop staffed by factory-trained engineers that allows us to tailor solutions for specific requirements.

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