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Treotham New Zealand supplies igus robolink kits throughout New Zealand via our Auckland based warehouse.

In this article, find out about our two igus robot joint kits, igus Robolink D and Robolink W along with how to contact us for igus robolink pricing

We have been in operation for over 25 years and are leaders in the supply of products & components for the industrial automaton sector.

We are the exclusive distributor for many international product lines and our team of igus robot joint kit experts has extensive local experience in determining the best solutions for our New Zealand based customers.robolink D pic2

Find out more about igus Robolink D and Robolink W below. 

igus Robot Joint Kits 

igus robot joint kits include igus robot joints and components made from Tribo polymers (high performance motion plastics). They were designed to enable use across varying applications and to allow greater access to a joint modular system for constructing customised robots.

Features and benefits of igus Robot joint kits include: 

  • Cost effective 
  • Made of lubrication and maintenance free plastics
  • Lubrication-free plastic gears
  • Variety of modular versions available
  • Light, compact and simple
  • Can be configured and extended to suit almost any application
  • Articulated arms available in various lengths, designs and sizes
  • Functional units can be adapted as required

Features & Benefits of igus Robolink D 

  • Affordable
  • Easy to configure and build a fully articulated plastic or aluminium robot arm (with up to 6 degrees of freedom)
  • Up to 4 kg loads
  • Joint available in three sizes - 20, 30 and 50
  • Lightweight and lubrication free
  • Stopper motors optionally built in
  • Tough, durable and extremely high precision
  • Suitable for a number of applications (e.g. robot manufacturers, mechanical engineers, automation specialists, automotive production, medical technology)

Features & Benefits of igus Robolink W

  • Compact and lubrication free
  • Main components made from high performance motion plastics 
  • Can pivot and rotate like a human elbow and is actuated by wires (tendons)
  • Actuators can be placed away from the joint, resulting in a very lightweight arm
  • Decoupled rope wire drive
  • Up to 6 axes
  • Wire driven joints with 1 or 2 degrees of freedom (DOF) 
  • Electrical grippers
  • Used by universities and R&D organisations to build customised systems

Download the igus Robolink catalogue for more detailed technical specifications. 

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