Igus Polymer Bearings

igus polymer bearingsBeing an exclusive distributor for a range of world renowned industrial automation components and systems, Treotham Automation provide our customers extensive local knowledge and experience at affordable prices.

Whether you’re after a single automation component or a new customised bespoke solution, our fully equipped warehouses and workshop is available to help you find the optimum solution for your specific needs.

Our Range of Polymer Bearings

Igus polymer bearings require no maintenance due to the dirt resistance, corrosion-free and lubrication-free properties. They are lightweight and offer predictable and reliable operation to ensure your automation system operates with minimum downtime.

The igus polymer bearing range contains many options to choose from:

  • High temperature – iglidur V400, iglidur X6, iglidur Z and iglidur UW500 polymer ball bearings are excellent choices for high temperature applications.

  • Chemical resistant – iglidur H, iglidur H1, iglidur H370 and iglidur H2 are great options if you’re after polymer bearings used in environments of chemical exposure.

  • Special applications –  iglidur F, iglidur H4, iglidur Q, iglidur UW, iglidur B and iglidur C options are great for special applications, including those that require linear polymer bearing options.

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