igus Linear Actuators

Treotham Automation is an authorised New Zealand distributor of the igus linear belt-driven system range.

In this article, we list the benefits of using igus linear actuators including the igus ZLW belt driven actuators and applications they are suitable for. 

We have an Auckland based warehouse that enables us to supply a wide range of products from many international manufacturers to our New Zealand based customers efficiently.

Our team of locally-based igus linear actuator experts can also tailor solutions for our customers to meet specific requirements.

Find out more about the igus linear actuators in our range below. linear actuator

About igus Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are designed to convert rotary motion into linear motion. igus linear actuators are lightweight, dirt-resistant, maintenance-free and are self-lubricating so do not require external lubricants.

igus linear actuators are available in three variations: 

  1. Belt driven (ideal for high-speed applications)
  2. Screw driven (ideal for low-cycle positioning applications or for moving heavy loads)
  3. Electric (compact, lightweight and low cost)

igus ZLW Product Range

igus ZLW toothed belt axes are ideal for use in confined spaces and applications where a high level of torque support is required.Belt Driven Linear Actuator

They are highly efficient because they have low mass inertia, are lightweight and lubrication-free.

Other features of the igus ZLW range include: 

  • Individually selectable strokes
  • Maintenance-free
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Low-cost options available 
  • Quiet running
  • Slim structure
  • Continuous operation

igus ZLW toothed belt axes are suitable for use in medical and laboratory technology, handling, positioning tasks, camera/sensor adjustment and machine construction. 

To view information on the products in the igus ZLW toothed belt axes range along with technical specifications, download the igus ZLW brochure

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