Igus Drylin Bearings

Treotham Automation have a range of Drylin linear bearings that use high performance polymers (motion plastics) and are based on the principle of ‘gliding instead of rolling’, operating on glide pads. Dust is prevented from clinging to surfaces as they are designed for dry running. This protects them from exposure to grease and oil, making them maintenance-free and resistant to external influences. 

Drylin bearings are also almost inaudible during operations and have no minimum stroke length restrictions.Engineered compounds are used for igus Drylin bearings so they can be adapted for a diverse range of applications. Drylin linear bearings also have a predictable service life (which is beneficial for planning security) and up to 40% of custom system configuration costs can be saved in comparison to recirculating ball bearing systems. The process is completed online and only takes only a few steps.

igus Drylin Bearing RangeDrylin T

Most products in the range are lubrication free, corrosion resistant and lightweight.

Drylin T

  • Dimension identical to standard commercial ball guide systems
  • Can be used in almost all industries and are insensitive to dirt
  • Adjustable clearance and high static load capacity
  • Automatic clearance adjustment 
  • Service life up to 50,000 km
  • Standard, heavy duty and miniature options available

Drylin N

  • Extremely low profiles extruded from aluminium in several widths
  • Small mounting height (between 6 - 12mm)
  • Available in a variety of carriage options and in 4 sizes (17, 27, 40 and 80mm)

Drylin W
Drylin W2

  • Large and complex modular system (14 different profiles and more than 50 carriage options)
  • Versatile use (alternative to all popular guide systems)
  • Easy to install and compact
  • Angular rail with floating bearing function for a diagonal assembly 
  • Available in a stainless steel option

Drylin R

  • Used as an alternative to ball linings
  • Same dimensions as standard ball bearings
  • Insensitive to dirt and have low friction
  • Extremely quiet to operate
  • Large choice of housings and shaft materials
  • Replaceable liner
  • VA stainless steel housings available

Drylin Shafts

  • Low priced, available in 7 different materials and all shafts are in supported versions
  • Aluminium is used for low weight and stainless steel for high corrosion resistance
  • Available in diameters 6-50mm
  • Ideal in combination with liners made of iglidur J and J200 
  • High load capacity
  • For application in dry areas with a lower coefficient of friction against plastic bearings
  • Hard chrome-plated version also available
  • Ideal for wet areas

Drylin Specialists

  • Range includes telescopic guides, measuring systems, roller guides, square linear guides and slide disks

Stainless Steel
Drylin E

  • Suitable for a number of industries and application areas 
  • Temperature resistant up to 250°C
  • Cost effective stainless steel option

Drylin E

  • Ready to use system 
  • Compact design, low weight with high stability
  • Available with adjustable linear bearings and a clearance-free preloaded carriage
  • Screw leads of 2mm, 3mm, 12mm or 50mm per revolution available
  • Available integrated into many of the Drylin range of linear slide tables

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