igus Ball Bearings

igus ball bearing products are made of high performance plastics.

Treotham New Zealand are an authorised distributor of igus ball bearings and having been in operation for over 25 years, are leaders in the distribution of products & components of the industrial automation sector.

In this article find out about the benefits of using igus bearings over conventional ball bearings made of metal. igus bearing 1

We also have a team of experts with extensive local experience in determining the best solutions for our New Zealand based customers who can provide further information regarding igus ball bearings

Benefits Of Using igus Bearings For Your Application

There are many significant benefits to using igus ball bearings, including the following: 

  • Cost up to 40% less than metal ball bearings
  • 60% lighter than metal ball bearings 
  • Help to ensure a long, low-maintenance machine life
  • Enable dry, low-friction operation without a single drop of lubricating oil. 
  • Available in varying types, sizes and material combinations
  • Resistant to corrosion and various media
  • Electrically insulating and optionally non-magnetic
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40 to +80°C
  • Robust and lubrication-free

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