High Temperature Silicon Cable

Due to the nature of conventional cable sheaths, constant exposure to high temperature could cause their insulating and sheath material to become brittle after a while. This is where our range of high temperature silicone cables comes in – with extended operating temperature ranges, these cables are ideal for environments that have high ambient temperatures.

Silicone cables for a wide range of high temperature applications

Our range of high temperature cables include: high temperature silicon cable

  • OLFLEX HEAT 180 SiHF – classic silicone cables for a variety of multi-functional uses. With great flexibility, this cable is ideal for environments where space is limited. Typical fields of application include steel, ceramic and iron works, bakery equipment and industrial furnaces and thermal and heating element applications.
  • OLFLEX HEAT 350 SC – ideal for use in dry conditions with ambient temperature from -50oC to +350oC. This high temperature silicone cable features fine-wire strand made of nickel-plated copper, and a core insulation of glass fibre covering and impregnated glass fibre braids. Typical areas of application include blast furnaces and glassworks, chemical and power station construction and motor and furnace construction.

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