Festoon Cable

Manufactured with PVC and Neoprene, a festoon cable can be used as trailing cables for cranes, open-field conveyors and shelve-service devices. Also known as flat cables, festoon cables are suitable for extremely small bending radius with high flexibility and minimal wastage of space. If you are still questioning what is a festoon? Our extensive range of c track festoon cables are used to support, protect, and manage power & data cables or air & fluid hoses.

Usage Applicationsfestoon cable - Hi-Temp Flexible Cable

Designed for continuous flexing, extreme temperatures and high voltages, Cicoil’s Hi-Temp Festoon Cable are also UV-radiation resistant. These cables are also applicable for festoon systems, gantries, telescoping jetways, conveyors, and car washes. Other festoon cable specifications include a 450 volts/mil outer jacket dielectric strength, water resistant moisture rating, and chemical resistance.

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