Energy Chain

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In a rapidly changing automation world, our Auckland team can be your trusted partner to keep your business running optimally.

Learn About Different Energy Chain Systemsenergy chains

While the traditional definition of energy chains are to supply energy and data to mobile equipment, their applications and usage scenarios can vary greatly based on its function. Some of the different types of applications could be:

  • Guidance of sensitive bus and data cables, including electric, air and liquid hose guidance

  • Heavy duty demanding manufacturing environments

  • Special robotic applications that require multi-axis movement

We have many different energy chain solutions to choose from. These include:

What is an Energy Chain?

Energy chains carry and guide power to moving parts of machines or structures.

Speak to us to learn more about our range. Whether you’re considering if an energy chain is right for your new business venture or looking to replace your existing solution with a more robust and efficient model, we can help.

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