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In this article, find out the advantages of using the igus e-spool for your application. Treotham Automation supplies the e-spool (igus) from our warehouses based locally in major Australian cities.

As suppliers of industrial automation products & components for over 25 years, we are leaders in the industry. 

Our team of experts is experienced in determining tailored, cost effective and innovative solutions that meet specific requirements for our clients, through our fully equipped workshop, staff by factory trained engineers.

Discover the benefits of using the e-spool below. 

igus e-spool Features & Benefitse spool

The igus e-spool is a cable drum without a slip ring. It allows you to route many different cables in confined spaces.

One unique feature of the e-spool (iGus) is that it combines two different energy supply systems. 

The four main features/benefits of the igus e-spool are:

  1. Variable use (energy supply is possible in all directions - horizontal, vertical, diagonal) 
  2. Cost effective (twister band enables rotary movement)
  3. Variable energy supply (one system used for the guidance of all media)
  4. Space saving (paths remain free when the e-chain is rolled into the home position)

The igus e-spool also allows different media and diameters in one drum and there is no tensile load of the cables.

Cable diameters are available up to 17mm, cables can be retroactively added or changed and it has a maximum deployment and retract speed of 1m/s.

The e-spool can be used as an alternative to zig-zag solutions and is suitable for use in telescopic applications and lighting & stage equipment.

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