Drylin Linear Bearings

Find out everything you need to know about Treotham Automation’s range of Drylin bearing products below.

Treotham Automation is a New Zealand-wide distributor of Drylin products including Drylin bearings, particularly Drylin linear bearings. We have been providing components and products to New Zealand’s industrial automation sector for over 25 years. Our warehouse is based in Auckland and with our efficient warehouse supply chain management system our customers have the benefit of receiving orders quickly. 

Read on to learn more about our Drylin linear bearing range. 

Drylin Linear Bearingsdrylin linear bearings

Treotham’s range of Drylin linear bearings can be used across multiple industry Sectors and application areas such as machine building, the wood working industry, machine tools, handling, agriculture, Vehicle manufacturing, medical, structural-facings sector, packaging, furniture, robotics and the sheet metal industry. 

Drylin Bearings have many features and benefits including:

  • High performance polymers (motion plastics) 
  • Based ‘gliding instead of rolling’ principle, operating on glide pads
  • Dust is prevented from clinging to surfaces as they are designed for dry running (which protects them from exposure to grease and oil)
  • Maintenance-free and resistant to external influences
  • Almost inaudible during operations
  • Have no minimum stroke length restrictions
  • Engineered compounds are used for Drylin bearings so they can be adapted for a diverse range of applications
  • Have a predictable service life (which is beneficial for planning security) 
  • Up to 40% of custom system configuration costs can be saved in comparison to recirculating ball bearing systems (the process is completed online and only takes only a few steps)

Drylin Bearing RangeDrylin E2

Our range of Drylin bearings includes:

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