Divisible Conduit

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Divisible Conduit Systems

Divisible Conduit - Flexible Conduits

These divisible systems were designed for easy installation & retrofitting. Each divisible conduit is available in Polymide 6 and Polypropylene AIs with divisible fittings and locknuts. For more information, download the PMA Divisible System PDF. This document includes information on:

  • Technical details - such as the materials and characteristics
  • Conduits - measurement information for the PACOF & PPCOF conduit types
  • Connectors & Lock Nuts - measurement information on the LNO (connector) & LN (lock nut) accessories
  • T and Y pieces - measurement information on the LTO (T piece) & LYO (Y piece) accessories

For more information on each divisible conduit, order a free catalogue online (select Flexible Conduits).

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