Digital Position Indicator

Treotham Automation, in partnership with ELGO electronic supplies digital position indicators throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are able to assist you in finding the right electronic position indicator solution that best fits your requirements. 

Our mechanical digital position indicators enable a visualisation of measuring values for milling, woodworking, grinding & drill machines and more, when used in combination with length & angle measuring systems or encoders. 

Mechanical Digital Position Indicator Product RangePower Supplied Position Indicators

Z25 - 1 axis miniature indicator 


  • ELGO’s smallest electronic position indicator
  • High contrast illuminated 7 digit LCD display (guarantees that the actual position measured can be read precisely and comfortably) 
  • Can interpret incremental length measuring systems, rotary encoders and absolute measuring systems
  • Easy to mount with 2 external inputs and 2 external outputs
  • Rotation speed indication and adjustable reference value 
  • Can be reset to zero alternatively via the dustproof keypad or via external signals

Z50 - 1 axis universal position indicator


  • Can connect and process all of ELGO’s measuring systems
  • Equipped with a RS232 interface, is clearly structured and easy to use
  • Functions and parameter menu is well arranged (can be applied wherever length, angle and velocity are measured and displayed) 
  • Easy to mount with 3 external inputs and 4 external outputs (open drain)
  • 7 digit LCD display with rotation speed indication 
  • Can be switched over between incremental and absolute measuring
  • Adjustable memory, pulse scaling factor and edge triggering
  • Tool offset function

Z60 -1-3 axes position indicator 


  • Developed for the simultaneous interpretation of 1-3 axes
  • Extensive menu allows individual adjustments to be made 
  • Indicator can be integrated into incremental and absolute measuring systems
  • Analogue input can be realized as well as a flow indicator and a Z60 standard version equipped with a RS232 interface
  • (optional) Analogue output is available 
  • (optional) Bus solution is available (can connect several indicators and communicate with a PC)
  • 120 x 80 pixels graphic display and a rotation speed indication in RPM
  • Easy to mount with 3 digital external outputs, 1 analogue input, 2 outputs (open drain), 2 relay outputs and 1 analogue output
  • Actual value memory and adjustable reference value
  • Pulse scaling factor and edge triggering 

Download the brochure for further information on each of these mechanical position indicators.

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