Curly Cord Cable

Our range of OLFLEX, PVC and PUR spiral curly cables are suited for any industrial automation application that requires flexibility of operating positions. With great durability and varying extension lengths, our curly cables come in a range of different sizes and features to allow you pick the right curly cord for your needs.

A range of products to choose from

Our curly cord range of cables includes:

curly cord cable

  • SPIRAL H07BQ-F – featuring an exceptional cost-benefit ratio, they contain a robust PUR outer sheath that offers increased durability under harsh conditions. They are also resistant to many mineral oil-based lubricants, diluted acids, aqueous alkaline solutions and other chemical media.
  • SPIRL 540 P – robust, halogen-free PUR spiral cable with high restoring forces. Features extension lengths of up to 3.5 times the unextended spiral length and good resistance of the outer sheath to cutting and abrasion.
  • UNITRONIC SPIRAL – curly cord cable with outer PUR sheath and overall shielding for exact impulse transmission. This makes it ideal for measurement and control engineering applications where screened cables with the smallest dimensions are required.

Find the right cable for your needs

Speak to us for expert advice, and to make a more informed choice in selecting the right curly cable for your industrial automation application. We work with you to identify your exact needs, and make recommendations to pick the right curly cord for your specific application.

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