Located in Auckland, Treotham have a team of technicians, engineers and support staff that have extensive local knowledge & experience in industrial processes. Exclusively distributing many types of coupling components across New Zealand, we can provide systems & solutions for various applications. Find out more by emailing us at

Types of Couplings Treotham Offers

Our range of couplings and shrink discs includes:

  • Elastomer couplings - feature a short compact design that’s easy to assemble

  • Torque limiters - including single position re-engagement, multi-position version and fill disengagement versions, and a load holding version

  • Bellows coupling - feature a load side clamping hub and hear box with a side flange connection

For more information about couplings, download the Couplings & Shrink Discs Document.


Benefits of Couplings

All of our couplings are backlash free and compensate for lateral, angular and axial misalignment with a press-fit design. Each coupling also features electrical insulation and the ability to transmit torque without vibration.

Learn More by Contacting Us

Learn more about the benefits of couplings and the range we offer, suitable for various gear boxes, by contacting us today.

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