Distributing many international products lines & types of conduits, Treotham have extensive knowledge and experience in assisting customers with cable protection systems. Our local team in Auckland have a range of flexible conduits for industries such as railway, mechanical engineering, mining equipment, shipbuilding, automation & other projects that require power & data cable protection.

Our PMA Conduit Range PMA Conduit Cable

With over 30 types of cable conduit systems available, the PMAFLEX range is designed for technically demanding applications. Ranging from 6mm to 125mm diameters & from lightweight to heavy duty conduit pipes, find your ideal conduit by downloading the PMA Conduit Brochure.

Other Types of Flexible Conduits

Download our flexible conduit short-form catalogue to learn more about our extensive range of conduits. This range includes:

  • Liquidtight Treoflex Conduits (page 47) - this PVC conduit has a PVC outer sheath material with galvanised steel for electrical installations with motion, vibration and bending requirements

  • Automation Conduits (page 7) - these flexible conduits are specially designed for robotic & automation industries with high flexibility and weathering resistance

  • Telecom Conduits (page 9) - multi-purpose conduits, especially for long-term external applications such as energy technology, transportation and telecom

Contact the Auckland Team

Learn more about our range of conduits by talking to your local New Zealand Treotham team. Enquire online, request a free catalogue (select Flexible Conduits) or call us on (64) 9278 6577.

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