Belt Driven Linear Rails

In this article we provide information on belt drives (linear) to help you determine if a belt driven linear rail will meet the requirements for your application. 

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We have a team of experts with vast experience in providing cost effective solutions for our customers based on the latest technology. We also have the ability to tailor solutions to exact requirements through our fully equipped workshop. 

Read on to find out more about belt driven linear slides
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Belt Driven Linear Slides

Linear motion belt drives with slide guided units are cost effective solutions, ideal for applications that require high speed, high acceleration, low maintenance and smooth travel.There are many benefits to using linear belt drives including: 

  • High speeds
  • Long stroke
  • Low noise
  • Low overall weight
  • Longer life expectancy (due to the bushings being able to move in relation to the guide)
  • Higher load capabilities
  • Reliable and robust
  • Can be used in dirty and dusty environments
  • Require little or no maintenance

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