Bearing Types

At Treotham Automation we have extensive knowledge and experience across thousands of high quality components and products for the industrial market. As one of the leading bearing suppliers and exclusive distributor of many international product lines, we have the capabilities to provide multiple systems and solutions for your various needs. Providing igus bearings and bearing services to the Australian and New Zealand markets for a wide variety of engineering solutions, these polymer bearings are highly adaptable.

Types of Bearings

Our types of bearings are insensitive to dirty environments and are lubrication free, saving you long-term costs. With specially engineered compounds, used to adapt the polymer bearings to a diverse range of applications, these bearings are for:

  • High loads
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Underwater use
  • Low coefficients of friction
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long service life usage

For more information on any bearing we offer, contact your local Treotham team & order a free catalogue online.


Maintenance-Free Bearings

As our polymer bearing compounds are self-lubricating, you can significantly reduce your maintenance costs. Also corrosion resistant and lighter in weight than metallic bearings, read about 10 reasons why you should use plastic bearings over metallic.


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