The "lokchain" design study has pins that are integrated in the side section and hold the chain securely in a profiled guide. If a chain link is bent into a curve, the pin retracts and releases the chain from the guide. It can be used in any conceivable mounting position thanks to the secure guiding. When used for circular movements, secure "locking" of the chain in a guide trough can revolutionise the way in which energy is supplied and can enormously increase operational safety.

The basic principle of lokchain is simple: pins integrated into the side links hold the energy chain firmly in the guide trough. When the chain link is bent into a radius, the pin retracts automatically and releases the chain from the guide. When the chain link comes out of the radius and engages the trough, the pin extends and automatically secures itself back into the trough. This eliminates the need for more costly guide trough systems. In this way, the machine builder saves money.


  • e-chain with extendable pins
  • Automatic securing in profiled trough
  • Can be used in any mounting orientation
  • Secure guidance with compact e-chain over long distances
  • Secure guidance in RBR trough systems
  • Minimal abrasion and wear for longer service life
  • Safe and quiet operation

Typical applications: C-arm medical equipment, vertical and circular movements

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Product Name Lokchain
Name of Chapter Energy Chains®
Name of Sub Chapter Special Solutions
Brand Name Igus Energy Chains

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