Hybrid Servo Cables

In the chainflex series CF220.UL.H and CF280.UL.H, you will see system cables for intelligent drive concepts of renowned system manufacturers.

To save installation space in the e-chainsystem some manufacturers combine the servo cable for power transmission with the measuring system cable for position data transmission to make a so-called hybrid cable. The feedback of the position data to the servo controller is done frequently by various digital bus technologies.

When connecting these two cables into a hybrid cable, it is necessary to guarantee the necessary data transmission properties and the EMC behavior of the cable for many million cycles.

Due to the proximity to the power cores often operated with interference-intensive square-wave signals, mechanically optimised shield concepts with a very high optical cover are used.


  • Cost-effective
  • PVC and oil resistant
  • Halogen free PUR
  • Saves installation space


Product Name Hybrid Servo Cables
Name of Chapter Chainflex® Energy Chain Cables
Name of Sub Chapter Servo Cables
Brand Name Chainflex

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