Honeycomb Strain Relief

The Honeycomb universal strain relief saves engineering and assembly time whilst keeping cables and hoses safe in motion.

The cables and hoses can simply and gently be pressed into the honeycomb. It is then closed, whereby the outer walls of the honeycomb cavities are pushed gently but extremely tightly around the cables. In this way, the structure simply adapts to the cable diameters.The honeycomb can be mounted in seconds; in comparison to the often used cable tiewraps or other strain relief solutions, the user saves about 80% assembly time. 

The new system saves space and protects the cables in the e-chain. It is also much more flexible, as the system is easy to open, to insert new cables or to replace them.

CFU.H Horizontal:

  • Can be screwed on before the mounting bracket
  • Can be built up in layers
  • Strain relief of different cables in one layer
  • Easy adaptation of the filling possible
  • Can be fixed from above
  • Can be used at the fixed end even in the case of long travels

CFU.V Vertical:

  • Lock in front of the mounting bracket
  • To be filled when open
  • Strain relief of different cables in a row
  • Easy adaptation of the filling possible
  • Can be closed with tension locks, no tools needed
Product Name Honeycomb Strain Relief
Name of Chapter Energy Chains®
Name of Sub Chapter Special Solutions
Brand Name Igus Energy Chains