Control Cables

Our range of Chainflex control cables will cover all your high flexible cable requirements.
Our PVC insulated control cable range is made up of four different series CF130, CF140, CF5 & CF6.
The CF130 & CF140 are for medium load requirements and standard bending radius.

The CF5 & CF6 our biggest selling range of Chainflex cables, these are for high load applications and tighter bending radius.

The CF77, CF78, CF170, CF180 & CF2 range are made from PUR (polyurethane) and are extremely resistant to oils and chemicals. We have PUR cables with UL & DESNA approvals as well as being halogen free.

The CF9 & CF10 ranges are made from TPE and are for the most demanding applications. These cables are for high and low temperatures, extremely tight bending radius and bio-oil resistance. The CF98 & CF99 are for maximum load requirements and the very minimum bending radius possible.

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