Liner: iglidur tribo-tape

igus Tribo-Tape liner is designed for versatile lining of tribologically challenged surfaces and shapes, for optimising movement within machine beds, etc. At a thickness of 0.5 - 1 mm (including the adhesive back + 0.15 mm), the space requirement is extremely low. The ease of use (the tape can simply be cut using scissors) and optional self-adhesive back of the liner open up almost endless possibilities for using it.

- Lubrication and maintenance-free
- Easy to cut
- Adhesive version available
- For small spaces
- FDA-compliant (iglidur A160)
- With or without self-adhesive back

Typical application areas:
Mechanical engineering, material handling, jig making, assembly technology, etc.

The iglidur tribo-tape liner is also available with a self-adhesive back for quick and easy installation.With a self-adhesive back, iglidur A160 / B160 / W160 can be used at temperatures up to 90 °C and V400 up to 200 °C.

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